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Sarah Kane Interview

Sarah Kane Interview

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By Sarah Gorman, lecturer at Roehampton University. Kane's ... 2) This statement is quoted from an interview Kane conducted before shc finished the play. T.. ... gives a rare interview about a work that roars with life as it gazes at death. ... A blast at our smug theatre: Edward Bond on Sarah Kane.. Sarah Kane, 'Brief Encounter', platform, Royal Holloway College, London, 3 November 1998. 2. ... 103. 19. Sarah Kane, personal interview with author.... Sarah Kane interview by Dan Rebellato (Royal Holloway, Univercity of London) 3 November 1998.. Sarah Kane died over a decade ago, here is a look at her life and ... In an interview, Kane said that she wrote the directions feeling as if they.... On 3 November 1998, Sarah Kane came to Royal Holloway for an interview. I was teaching my British theatre course and I had taught Kane's plays for a couple.... Kane said, in an interview from Minneapolis, where "4.48 Psychosis" played the Guthrie Theater. "We have had to say no quite a few times, but I.... Kane explained in an interview that, during a psychotic breakdown, You no longer know where you stop and the world begins, and that the play.... Sarah Kane (3 February 1971 20 February 1999) was an English playwright who is known for ... Sarah Kane interview in Rage and Reason: Women Playwrights on Playwriting by Heidi Stephenson and Natasha Langridge, Methuen, 1997.... Extract from interview with Steve Waters. Sarah Kane is one of Britain's greatest playwrights. She challenged and disrupted British theatre in.... and the second featuring interviews by Saunders with Kane directors James Macdonald and Vicky Featherstone, Nils Tabert, Mel Kenyon, Phyllis Nagy, Kate.... There are, one of the things I did was try to track down interviews that she'd given to journalists, for example the James Christopher interview in.... And it soon emerged that everyone has a Sarah Kane anecdote. So here's mine. It's about the interview I did with her for the chapter on her.... This week, Sarah Kane received the ultimate accolade for a ... the first newspaper interview with Kane at the height of the 1995 controversy.

In her first interview Sarah Kane, a 23-year-old playwright, answers the critics who were outraged by her first play. David Benedict; Sunday 22.... In an interview at Royal Holloway, where I studied in the fall of 1998, Kane told the story of Blasted's press night. The Royal Court Theatre Upstairs holds.... ... Sarah Kane was interviewed by journalist and teacher, Dan Rebellato, whilst writing her final play- 4.48 Psychosis. She ended the interview.... Sarah Kane, Interview with Aleks Sierz, 18 January 1999. 28. Benedict Nightingale, Review of Blasted, The Times, 3 April 2001. 29For a fuller discussion see.... See the interview with Kane, Sarah, in Rage and Reason: Women Playwrights and Playwriting, ed. Stephenson, Heidi and Langridge, Natasha (London:.... And it soon emerged that everyone has a Sarah Kane anecdote. So here's mine. It's about the interview I did with her for the chapter on her work for my first book...


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